Selling Guidelines - Spring/Summer 2024

Please note: The total number of consigned items is now 850 items!

Wiggles Giggles expects the following selling guidelines to be followed for every sale and reserves the right not to accept any item.  


Clothing, Shoes, Accessories - all clothing should be freshly laundered with no odors, stains, tears, or signs of excessive wear

  • Girl and boy clothing, size Newborn-16, in excellent condition and current in style
  •  Junior size clothing (Sizes 1-15), current in style 
  • Children's plus and Husky size clothing up to Size 18 (NOT MEN'S or WOMEN'S CLOTHING)
  • Maternity Clothing (Limit 8)
  • Clothing must be appropriate for the season:
    • Short sleeve shirts, shorts, capri pants, short sleeve dresses, sun dresses, bathing suits
    • Light weight pants (Limit 10)
    • Blue Jeans (Limit 5)
    • Long sleeve button-up shirts in light, Easter colors (Limit 5) 
    • Long sleeve infant/toddler sleepers in light weight material (no fleece)
    • Light weight Jackets, rain coats, and rain boots
    • Other seasonal clothing (Easter, 4th of July, etc. )
  • 10 pairs of shoes per consignor
  • Only unused in original packaging of the following items: socks, underwear, tights, or training pants will be accepted
  • Children's purses, backpacks, lunch boxes
  • Table items 50 items per consignor: Hair bows, ball caps, sun hats, jewelry

 Toys and Electronics 


*New for Spring 2023*

  • Toys must have working batteries and in working order
  • Games, puzzles, and crafts for children and teens
  • No stuffed animals unless they make noises, talk, or walk
  • DVD and video games (Rated G and PG only)
  • Limit of school supplies to 20 items (i.e. scissors, glue, pens/pencils, pencil bags, erasers, etc)
  • Table Items are limited to 50 items per consignor. These are the miscellaneous items we put on our tables such as (these items are included, but not limited to the following categories): 
    • Happy Meal Toys 
    • Girls accessories (bows, headbands, jewelry, hats, sunglasses, etc.)
    • Boys accessories (hats, sunglasses, etc.)
    • Birthday party supplies and invitations
    • Individual figurines wrapped or bagged
    • Grab bags of misc. toys 

Sports/Play Equipment

  • Bicycles and riding toys
  • Sports Gear (Cleats, helmets, shin guards, etc)
  • Swim accessories
  • Playhouses, slides, children's tents
  • No inflatables 


  • Infant to Teen Books
  • No Parenting Books (What to Expect books, etc.)
  • No used coloring books
  • No Dolly Parton Imagination Library Books 


Baby and Child Items


*New for Spring 2023*

  • No bedding (no comforters, sheets, or pillows)
  • No crib bumpers
  • Furniture (beds, pack n plays, bassinets, mattresses)
  • Exersaucers, bouncy seats
  • Strollers
  • Car Seats, Car Booster Seats (NOT EXPIRED)
  • Baby Carriers
  • High chairs, booster seats
  • Feeding Items (bottles, plates, sippy cups, utensils, bibs, etc.)
  • Diaper Bags
  • Boppy pillows and covers
  • Infant Swaddles
  • Bath items (tubs, wash cloths, towels)
  • Potty seats
  • NOTE: RECALLED ITEMS WILL NOT BE ACCEPTED (i.e. Rock n' Plays, Boppy Loungers, Mam Roos)

Room Decor

  • Children's furniture (small desks, tables/chairs, dressers, headboards, trunks)
  • Pictures
  • Lamps
  • No adult decor (must look like it would fit in a child or teen bedroom)
  • No bedding 


Safety Equipment

  • Baby monitors
  • Baby gates
  • Outlet covers
  • Bed Rails