enter items FAQS

 Sort all your clothing according to gender then size. This will enable you to enter items more quickly.

Enter items on MCM HERE

Discount: choose this box ONLY if you want your items to be sold at half price on Friday.

Donate: choose this box if you would like your item donated to Gallatin Cares, if it does not sell. If you choose not to donate, then you must pick-up your items on Saturday between 1-2pm.

Size: All children’s clothing must have a numerical size

Tagging a non-clothing item: choose ‘not applicable’ or there is a blank field that can also be chosen in the size field. Please do not leave a size in this field when tagging non-clothing items.

Description: please be detailed enough if the tag falls off, we can match it to the item.

Price: use .50 increments (.50, $1.00, $1.50, $2.00, etc.) See chart below for pricing help.

Category: PLEASE SELECT CATEGORY CAREFULLY; We use this to plan our sales floor! After entering each item, click “Add Item”. It will now be saved as inventory.


Transferring Items from Another Season or Sale

Go to “Manage Inventory”.

Select “Items not sold only”; select previous sales from which you wish to transfer items,

Click on “Generate Items List”.

Check all items you wish to transfer (Only Spring and Summer items are now being accepted).

Select the sale you want to move your items TO from the drop-down box.

Click on “Transfer items to consignment.”


Remember, if your seller number from another sale is the same three digits, you do not need to reprint tags. However, if you edit any prices, descriptions, or discount/donate fields, you WILL need to reprint the tag.


pricing items


Consignment pricing generally is 30% of retail price. You should price your item to sell.  If it is priced too high then it may get passed up. A good way to ensure your items sell is to mark YES to discount. Many people shop on Friday when selected items are half off!

print tags

You may print as you go or after all items have been entered.

Select which group of tags you want to print from the options available.

Click on “Generate Items List”

Check tags to print (you may choose any or all tags).

Click “Generate Tags”. You do not need a print code for our sale.

If you are asked for one, make sure you are here, not the main MyConsignmentManager page. For your tags to generate correctly, you must allow your web browser to allow pop ups for this website. The tags cannot generate if this is not allowed.

All tags must be printed on cardstock paper, we do prefer white.

Click on download tags. Your tags will be downloaded to a PDF file on your computer.

Make sure your printer is set to NORMAL or DRAFT print setting (Do not use BEST; it causes the printing to be too dark and causes the barcodes to bleed).

If you have a color printer, make sure that you have chosen “black ink cartridge only” from the properties screen.

Click on your printer icon to print tags.


 If your tags look like this, they will not scan properly. Tags that appear ‘fuzzy’ or wavy will not be accepted. Please check your printer setting and ink cartridge and try reprinting.