2024  Drop-Off/Pick-Up FAQS



DROP OFF on Monday, SEPT 23 and Tuesday, SEPT 24


Make an appointment here to drop off your items.  


(If you have more than 300 items, please select two check in times or contact us to coordinate a special drop off time.)


1. Drop off is at St. Joseph's Hall, you may pull up under the covered driveway to unload your items.

2. In the lobby we will check you in, and you will fill out necessary paperwork.

3. You will hang your clothes on racks in size and gender order. Items in bins can be left in the lobby.

4. We will take back the clothes and items to be checked, while you wait in the lobby.

5. Once we are done, we will return any items we can't accept then you will be ready to go.

Depending on the amount of consigners checking in, the wait time can vary from 5-15 minutes. We will try to be as quick as possible and appreciate your patience. 


Electronics and toys must have batteries and will be tested before they are accepted. You may want to wait to tape packaging/boxes shut until after we test the item. Bring extra batteries just in case!


Please be respectful of everyone’s time and show up ONLY at your scheduled time. If you show up early, you are taking someone else's appt time. You will need to wait.

 If you chose a time slot at the end of the day, doors would close and lock 10 minutes past that time slot and we will no longer take items. If a conflict arises the day of your appointment, please contact us.



Wiggles Giggles reserves the right not to accept any item(s) that do not meet our guidelines.



      Saturday, SEPT 28 - between 1 pm to 2 pm


All items MUST be picked up Saturday, SEPT 28 between 1:00 PM and 2:00 PM. If we get done before 1pm then an email will be sent out stating, you can come early.

We will not allow pickup after 2pm. We will not leave any items outside. NO EXCEPTIONS. 


After 2:00 PM, all items not picked up will be on the donate truck going to Gallatin Cares.


You can donate all unsold items to Gallatin Cares by checking the donate box on tags.